I once wrote an article on the importance of maintaining the vaginal odor as natural as it should and I got rather interesting comments from two guys. Visit BV Gone Forever.

Like it would be expected, their issue of concern was based on intimacy when a woman should really provide the exhibit freely.

My view was that the odor in those parts is pleasant when what the medical experts call the normal and delicate balance of the vaginal environment is not upset.

If it is, they continue to warn that every woman has bacteria that thrive in these parts at normal levels, and if they go up, then she can develop unusual amount of discharge that can really smell.

This is what they call the bacterial vaginosis (BV) and it materializes as grayish-white discharge, thin and watery with a foul, rotten fish smell.

Probably the men who commented on my article, had intercourse with a bunch of such women because they did not seem to me as husbands to some women somewhere.

This horrible smell gets worse instantly after this act, during menstruation or
when the discharge is exposed to the air.

One of these guys who detested the idea of vaginal odor being pleasant, also said he hated smelling that part if the woman is really fat.

And when I read it, for a moment I complained within myself, for this added to the long list of what a guy want to find in a woman of his dreams.

For him to note that fat women vaginal odor is worse, he must have been a lover of fat chicks, but not anymore!

Just figuring out the size of her bottoms, hips, tummy and thighs, you can imagine the quantities of sweat she can produce in these parts at a given time.

Moisture provides the best breeding grounds for the bacteria and since a fat woman is too curvy, it may not dry up, causing them proliferate more and more.

The results are the ugly and smelly vaginal discharge that is synonymous with a woman???s reproductive life.

At other times it is the candida or yeast infection caused by surplus of yeast fungi in these parts resulting in vaginal diseases.

Those of us who knows what I am talking about can confirm that, the vaginal odor caused by bacterial infection is not something cleared by frequent scented showers.

It is the type that you take to the doctor for lab tests, hoping that what you are about to hear from him as a cure would heal you, but no, he surprises you with an answer like you are okay???.

Deep inside, your question is not answered, I mean how can someone smell so horribly like that and accept it is okay?

Some doctors do give such reasons, and this I know because up to now my body cannot rain??? in peace every month, yet a nurse convinced me that for some women, things remain this way till their first births or menopause.

With some few pills she gave me to swallow, I left knowing my fate if these failed to correct my problem, though now am on herbal alternative.

With the bacterial vaginosis, they give drugs, that clear the problem then, but it then recurs and a woman is back to square one.

Herbal remedies that contain acidophilus like yogurt are said to reduce the chances of suffering from one and endure embarrassment.

fishy discharge

fishy smell discharge

fishy discharge: fishy vaginal discharge

fishy discharge: fishy smell discharge

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