To treat vaginal odor naturally, you will be pleased to learn that there are a few very simple steps you can take which should help clear up any fishy vaginal smell. BV Gone Forever will work when all else fails.

The cause of that unfortunate fishy odor is called bacterial vaginosis or BV. Often, the very simplest of treatments can be sufficient to eradicate the problem and these should be tried before anything else. First, you should understand that you are not alone-most women of reproductive age claim to have suffered from a bad fishy vaginal smell at some time in their lives. Secondly, you may be relieved to learn that it is rarely due to poor hygiene, so you should not see it as a reflection on your personal standards!

One of the simplest things you can do is related to washing. Most women, when they notice they have a problem with vaginal odor will start washing more frequently than before, often using products which have a strong perfume in an attempt to "mask" the smell. This is one of the worst things you can do as you will be stripping the vaginal area of the natural lubricants which actually help to maintain the overall health of the area. The vagina is largely a self-cleansing organ and you should only use simple, unperfumed products to wash with and never more than twice daily. Overwashing, especially with strongly perfumed products will cause an imbalance and actually make the fishy vaginal smell worse over a short period of time.

Another simple measure for women wanting to know how to treat vaginal odor is to ensure that you always change your sanitary protection frequently-even when the flow is light. This can prevent bacterial growth on the expelled blood which can contribute to bad odors. Also, it is important to ensure that you always remember to remove the last tampon of your period.

Try to avoid wearing synthetic panties as these can trap in moisture and heat, thus creating the ideal breeding ground for bacteria which can cause a fishy vaginal smell. Cotton is by far the best fabric to wear as it allows air to circulate. In addition, it is wise to avoid wearing tight trousers and pantyhose if you are prone to this condition.

Often, women who have recently changed sexual partners find that they have a problem with odor. Providing you have ruled out the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease, it is likely to be because your body is reacting to the introduction of sperm which causes an imbalance in the natural ph levels of the vagina. For safe sex, it is always wise to wear a condom. However, if this is a long term partner, you may find that eventually the condition resolves itself.

One simple way of helping to mask a fishy vaginal smell without causing any further problems is to wear a thin panty liner. This can work surprisingly well, particularly if you change it frequently during the day.

If these simple measures don't work, or you have had a bad odor for more than a couple of days, it is highly likely that you do have bacterial vaginosis-particularly if you have noticed symptoms such as a thin white or gray discharge along with some itching or burning.

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