If you have a fishy vaginal smell you will be relieved to learn that there are some very simple home remedies for vaginal odor which you can get started with right away. Visit BV Gone Forever right now.

Firstly, it is important that you understand that you are not alone with this problem-indeed, most women will, at some time in their lives experience this with differing degrees of severity. Secondly, a bad vaginal odor is often simpler to treat than most people realize and sometimes the simplest treatments work a treat. If the problem is severe and has lasted for more than a few days, it may be a little more stubborn and require more comprehensive treatment. However, no matter how bad, it can be cured. Indeed, even the worst cases of fishy vaginal smell can be eradicated within 3 days.

To start with, I recommend that you implement the following home remedies for vaginal odor:-

Very often, when a woman notices that she has an unpleasant odor, one of the first things she does is to start washing excessively, not knowing that this can actually make the problem much worse! The vagina has it's own "ecosystem" and under normal circumstances, the natural lubricants help maintain balance and keep the area clean. Overwashing can deplete these lubricants, making the chances of bad vaginal odor even worse. Therefore, you should ensure that you wash only twice daily, avoiding the temptation to use perfumed products to mask the smell as these can even further deplete the natural balance.

Another very simple thing you can do is to ensure that you always change your sanitary protection regularly-even when the flow is light. When you have bad vaginal odor, leaving tampons in, or towels on, for longer than a couple of hours can worsen the condition.

You should avoid wearing panties made from synthetic fabrics as these inhibit the circulation of air around the vaginal area, creating the ideal damp, warm conditions for bacterial growth. Cotton is by far the best fabric to wear and if you enjoy wearing silky underwear, save it for occasional rather than everyday use. In addition to this, avoiding tight fitting trousers and pantyhose can help.

Whilst you are in the throes of a bad bout of vaginal odor, one thing you can do which will mask the smell a little without causing the problem to get any worse is to wear a thin panty liner. This will help absorb some of the smell, whilst being easily changeable during they day-particularly useful if you are at work.

A change of sexual partner can sometimes bring on a fishy vaginal smell. Providing you are satisfied that there are no sexually transmitted disease issues, the condition is usually caused simply by the introduction of sperm into the vagina which has a different ph (acid/alkaline) balance to that in the vagina. When you have had a partner for some time, the body becomes "used" to the sperm, but a new partner's sperm may have a different ph level and can therefore trigger the condition. You could try having sex with a condom for a while until you are free of the odor and perhaps only having sex without a condom at intervals until your body becomes accustomed.

If these simple home remedies for vaginal odor don't work, or you have had a bad odor for more than a few days, it is highly likely that you have a very common condition called bacterial vaginosis-particularly if you have noticed symptoms such as a thin white or gray discharge along with some itching or burning.

fishy vaginal smell

fishy smell discharge

fishy discharge: fishy smell discharge

fishy discharge: fishy vaginal discharge

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