If you are looking for a home remedy for vaginal odor, you may be pleased to learn that there are several steps you can take which could help eliminate a fishy vaginal smell. BV Gone Forever is your best bet to rid yourself of bacterial vaginosis (BV).

One home remedy is to ensure that when washing the vaginal area, you only use unperfumed soap. Perfumed soap can affect the delicate balance of the lubricants within the vagina which maintain it's overall health. Similarly, overwashing can upset the balance and you should ensure that you do not wash the vagina more than twice daily-no matter how tempting it is at the time!

You should also ensure that you change your sanitary protection regularly, even when the menstrual flow is light as once the blood is exposed to the outside world it effectively "decays" and the bacteria involved can create bad vaginal odor.

Another tip is to wear a thin panty pad when you have an unpleasant fishy vaginal smell. Although this will not help get rid of the problem, it will help mask it, and has the added advantage that the pad can be changed regularly which is good if you are at work or simply out and about.

Often, the sperm from a new sexual partner can bring about bad vaginal odor. On the assumption that you have ruled out any sexually transmitted infections, it is usually simply because the differing ph levels of the sperm from a new partner can bring about an imbalance of the natural flora of the vagina. You should try using a condom for most of the time, giving your body the opportunity to become accustomed to the changes.

Another surprisingly simple, yet effective home remedy for vaginal odor is to ensure that you avoid wearing synthetic panties, as this type of fabric tends to trap in heat and moisture. This creates the ideal environment for bacterial growth which can result in a fishy vaginal smell.

If these simple home remedies for vaginal odor don't work, or you have had a bad odor for more than a few days, it is highly likely that you have a very common condition called bacterial vaginosis-particularly if you have noticed symptoms such as a thin white or gray discharge along with some itching or burning.

fishy discharge

fishy smell discharge

fishy smell discharge: fishy smell discharge

fishy vaginal discharge: fishy discharge

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